You can make your own space-time wallpapers using the symbol of the Literally Universal God (LUG). It’s very simple to make space-time wallpapers, you just add the symbol of the Literally Universal God (LUG) to an image of space. You really have to read my essay (see menu) to fully appreciate the space-time wallpapers. If you do not want to make your own, try the space-time wallpapers below for your MacBook. With space-time wallpapers you can have space with you all the time! You can have LUG with you all the time. These wallpapers give real space-time to everyone and anyone because they are religious and not scientific. Without the 0 and ∞ symbol, awesome images of space are only really appreciated by scientists who understand the physics and chemistry behind the images. With the Literally Universal Religion (LUR) you do not need to understand the science of the universe, therefore, everyone gets space-time.

Note: to download the high resolution images, tap on an image, then tap on the ‘i’ (information) button and click ‘View full size’ link.