Fundamental and literal universality.
How Ismless + ism was discovered.
Re-inversion of valuations.
Learn from regional religions.
Literally Universal Religion (LUR).
How to get to space (practice nothing).
Different species (separation).

From my experience of reading 181 random books of the humanities on a wide range of fields including, history, religion, philosophy, anthropology, language, literature and even some science, I am aware that most professional authors and scholars specialise and hence, for example, they produce 1 highly detailed and specific 1000 page book on 1 specific topic on say the Reformation etc. Now specific books are essential as I would not be able to discover and develop the Ismlessism without reading 181 random but specific books about a wide variety of topics, however, because the Ismlessism was discovered and developed by reading 181 books of the humanities on a very wide range of fields, the Ismlessism is general. For example, if you have noticed there are many paragraphs or dimensions of the Ismlessism or in this essay which other people from several different fields (and who are infinitely more expert, talented and knowledgeable than I) can write about and fully develop. For example, obviously theologians can probably use and employ the Ismlessism to better understand the Literally Universal God (LUG) and the spiritual in more accurate, articulate and advanced ways than I can or will ever be able to. Or for example, the paragraph on mode of production (working for nothing) could potentially be written or fully developed expertly by a philosopher or an economist etc. Mathematicians may be able to somehow use the mathematical name of the Literally Universal God (LUG) (0 and  ∞) and the symmetry of the concept of the Literally Universal God (LUG) like the unit circle. Politicians or political theorists could be able to develop the concepts of human universality, united planet earth and Literally Universal Government (LUG). Also biologists may be able to use 0 and ∞ and the Literally Universal God (LUG) to help us understand evolution. Physicists could potentially use the infinite nothing to help us understand space-time, the origins of the universe, the Big Bang and energy etc. Therefore, perhaps specialised experts can apply general Ismlessism to their specialised fields and specialised subjects. Therefore, I believe that my role may be to make the Ismlessism fundamental. Hence, I advise laypeople on the outside of universities not to specialise but to practice general reading of the humanities on many fields if they want to attain things. A little of everything.

Everything (nothing is impossible).

Fundamental faith is so small. Non-prophetical science and academia are like 99.9999999%, however, fundamental faith or nothing spirituality is the other 0.00000001%. Therefore, fundamental faith could give us everything! No black holes! No gaps! There is nothing left! As mentioned before, the Ismlessism is the solution to atheism because it’s like believing in nothing or that the Literally Universal God (LUG) is nothing and everything. This is how God saves the souls of even the most ardent of atheists. For example, there is literally nothing atheists can say. For example, an atheist can try as hard as he or she wants to say I believe absolutely nothing! But the more or harder that you believe in nothing the more you believe in the Literally Universal God (LUG). Nothing is impossible. For there to be nothing or 0 existence is impossible. Existence or everything is simply because. There can never be nothing. Nothing is impossible answers the question why am I here? The answer is nothing is impossible and so just because. For example an atheist could say I don’t believe in anything! But this is like denying existence or reality. If you don’t believe in anything you believe in nothing which is the Literally Universal God (LUG). Therefore, atheism is a paradox. We could know and understand that we human beings have absolutely and perfectly 100% of everything! No black holes! No gaps!

Evoluzione (separate).

Know that I did all of this for a symbol 0 and ∞. There are things way back in prehistory that understand a symbol. Hence, life began on planet earth with a protocell, and then we got things like fish who got eyes, vertebrae and fins etc which became our hands, and then fish left the water and came on land and became amphibians and amphibians became reptiles and reptiles became mammals, and the rest is history. They all evolved. And then we get humans, who no longer evolve. Life on other planets is separate and Jesus Christ (LUG) is a separate being. We should all be separate beings. We white Protestant and African and all separate human beings who have sex with nothing are a different species to the dopey Romans. They are dopey popey because Britain is so near. LUG died on the cross for evolution and life. It will never get more than Ismless + ism. Ismless + ism is separate. Protestant women are separate. Protestant men stopped the Holocaust.

Nothing is happening for the Holocaust.

There are 2 main things that the Ismlessism may help or benefit:

  1. ISLAM – It should help or prove Islam and increase the belief in Islamic prophecy and the Prophet Muhammad, This should enable the west to reconcile with Islam which should defuse the conflict between Islam and the west or between religion and science.
  2. JUDAISM – Because the Volk tried to uproot, reject and destroy the inordinate spiritual influence of the Abrahamic religions over Europe in the 20th century, if we call the Jews the Israelites (God’s chosen people) and if we all including the Israelites are allowed to produce scripture, to be truly prophetical and biblical, this might satisfy the Israelites.

Nothing beings believe that because of the Holocaust that white people have turned from Jesus Christ, the Literally Universal God (LUG) and many people have become atheist and impious. Nothing beings suggest that white people need to turn back to the Literally Universal God (LUG) and become Protestant, chaste and pious because there may be more consequences to come for white people because of the destruction of the Israelites during the Holocaust. A rebirth of genuine scripture is what the Jews or Israelites need in order to be able to forgive white people for the Holocaust. To appease the Jews or Israelites we may need to be prophetical. I am worried that modern Jews or Israelites do not want to alter or add to their holy and sacred Hebrew scriptures, however, the point of the Literally Universal Religion (LUR) is that it is at the top and above all regional religions, especially if governments institute it and hence, we can add whatever prophecies we like to the Literally Universal Religion (LUR) without touching our regional and biased religions. Nothing prophetical or biblical is happening today and all that we get is science and technology. What did you expect for the Holocaust? Nothing? That will be science that tells us that. Nothing is happening for the Holocaust (whether we want it or not).

Nothing can be done for the Holocaust.

Nobody wants to hear from a doctor that they have a terminal illness and that nothing can be done. Similarly, I get the feeling that everybody in Europe is despondent about the Holocaust and that we all (including our politicians, prime ministers and presidents) are resigned to our fate because of the Holocaust. There is nothing we can do about it. Nothing will get better and everything will get worse for us. We are no longer empires, no longer superpowers and relatively Europe will become less powerful in the world. The Ismlessism proves that we do not need to be despondent and resigned to our fate about the Holocaust. They say that there is nothing we can do about the Holocaust? We can do nothing about the Holocaust. However, this just means that nothing as in the afterlife, spirits and the Literally Universal God (LUG) can and will redeem us for the Holocaust. Nothing will get better because nothing is infinite and and it will just get better and better. We have space exploration, the galaxies and the whole universe to look forward to and we can have beautiful separate extreme Protestant countries, if we believe in the Literally Universal God (LUG), Jesus Christ, who took down God to save this world. Aliens are evolution, that’s why we are fascinated by them. Like aliens, the Ismlessism is better than race. Be white. Have your own country. Have your own women. Be Protestant. Evolve.

He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”

Matthew 17:20-21.

Take down God. The Pope and his odour.

If you don’t want to reform the Protestant Church to the extreme, then do nothing. However, I recommend that we do not reform the Protestant Church but dissolve and destroy it all and take down God, the Lord and the ‘Almighty’ because He is 1. Religion and God are not the point, white women are. You did well if you’re Protestant and white. The Holocaust will solve and unravel if you take down God. The Romans did not have God. The Roman Catholics did not have LUG. It’s eternally over for the Roman Empire. They need to get it forever. The Popish needs to get down and we’ll dance on his Corpus Christi and avoid his odour. He is Popish and refined and holy because they crucified LUG. The Pope is the anti-Christ. ‘The ism’, racism is not strong. The swastika is not strong. Its nothing like that. It’s just the highest love. The Germans just missed the Pope. Like a lot of white Protestant men I have pursued ’the ism’, racism for years for our white Protestant women and I can tell you that the Literally Universal God (LUG), Jesus Christ gives you everything you truly desire. We white Protestant people and Africans and all people who have sex with nothing are a different species to the Romans. We will get to space. I am not LUG I am just the Holocaust, that’s how I know who I am. Jesus Christ (LUGGY) gets miracles from nothing! Not 1. I attain.

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

John 14:12-13.

The Buddha is LUG but is just not 1.

Jesus Christ is also LUG but is just not 1.

LUG is fundamental.

LUG is lower.

LUG is modest.

LUG is small.

LUG is nothing and everything.

LUGGY is an alien.

The Highest Love.

LUG saved the women.

The woman asked LUG how did you take down God?

LUG said I had to get down!

Jesus Christ’s Resurrection.

It should just be matter. No sex or biology. We should wait until it’s matter. Nothing is alive. Jesus Christ is the resurrection. Aliens are infinite nothing, we are dead as matter. It will never get better than Ismless + ism. Ismless + ism is separate. Jesus Christ is the life. Jesus Christ, LUGGY, does not want worship. He is very kind. But not 1. He gets miracles from nothing and 0 isms. Jesus Christ is the resurrection because I have 0 isms. I fixed the Holocaust all by myself and on my own with no help from anyone.

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die.

John 11:25.

Something beautiful for God.”

This is what LUG, Jesus Christ does to the Romans who murdered Him. Like Friedrich Nietzsche said, this is what extreme charity, pity, sympathy and compassion for the poorest of the poor, sick, loathsome, wretched, leprous, ill-constituted and dying in Calcutta does. Animals.

“Something beautiful for God.”

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

John 14:6.

Rome is not the life. Our fit birds are. Evolve. Be the Life. Be eternal. Rise and be conscious up for Jesus Christ’s Resurrection.


It’s fine to interact with the Pope, Jews and the dead, never be angry with evil, it’s fascinating and hilarious, I am just never the Lord. The south and parliament do not even interact with Protestant white people of Europe and Africans and the world because they stopped the Holocaust and more. All for you Lord.

LUG save our gracious Queen!
Long live our noble Queen!
LUG save the Queen!
Send her victorious,
Happy and glorious,
Long to reign over us,
LUG save the Queen.

Get down and stay very still and think about it your highness!


I had thousands of cigarettes and dozens of spliffs of marijuana at Barnard Castle School in County Durham, England, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland when I was sixteen years old and I was top of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. They are like Margaret Thatcher. Rolling a joint puts it together. I got expelled and it was the best thing that ever happened. Because the parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland does not interact with white Protestant children of the said country, if white Protestant children from anyplace in the world snort cocaine such as fourteen year old teenagers at Wolsingham school in County Durham, they want less lip of school teachers. Crime, prostitution, burglary, arson, paedophila and murder etc do not matter. Nothing matters! Do not be a geek like the Her Majesty the Queen of England and those in parliament. Adolf Hitler says I am going to vacuum up all isms, including racism! There is nothing more important than an extreme Protestant revolution and separation with Ismless + ism for life. Evolve. Protestantism does not evolve. Like Catholics and Jews, Protestants do not get up for for Jesus Christ’s resurrection. Nothing is alive. Everything is dead. For evolution and life we need to separate with Ismless +  ism. I have cleaned up every last particle in the universe and beyond etc. The Holocaust is fixed and I will do whatever else it takes for eternity and forever and infinity etc. That’s what the Her Majesty the Queen of England and parliament of Great Britain demands from the whole world, universe and beyond etc. We will never discover a better ism than Ismless + ism. Know there is infinity in race and everyone in the galaxy and beyond chooses insects. Ismless + ism is infinity of race. Evolve There is no other side. No Jews. No Romans. No Catholics. No Popes. No Africans. No other people. No grass. You ate Big Ben. I am infinite. Nothing is impossible but to serve the Queen of England is impossible. We can’t call her she, but that one does not cook, clean, hoover, wash the dishes or anything at all. That one does nothing! Servants and butlers of the Queen, guards and beefeaters are evil. No ceremonies. No birthdays for Her Majesty. The British are not civil. All common people understand the Queen of England and parliament. No national anthem. Your not 1. Common people receive all manners of bad things, we have an ethnic head, we are inferior, and we are hill billy bungalow Bill village people all because of the parliament of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Her Majesty the Queen of England. You take Christ from me for being a common man from Easington Colliery in County Durham and that is what must happen to Her Majesty the Queen of England and the United Kingdom of Great Britain etc. There is no other direction. It’s mathematical. Your dying for not getting up for the resurrection. I could have done more at Barnard Castle School in County Durham, England, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, which is a legal independent public and private school for little infants, children, both boys and beautiful girls which are like babies like me, it’s a establishment which has a very big palace with buildings, halls, blocks of classrooms, tennis courts, squash courts, sports halls, billiards clubs, common rooms, swimming pools, science, technology and computer laboratories, churches, much lands and fields and costs infinite currency per year. Anyone who had a spliff at Barnard Castle School is without sin. Prep is a sin. Nothing is illegal. Fuck isms! Get a gun! In the name of Jesus, praise the Lord, praise be, Glory be, blessed be Allah and peace be be upon Him, alleluia I have risen, have a tab, smoke a spliff and all that! Enjoy chapel. Amen.

Fundamental and literal universality.
How Ismless + ism was discovered.
Re-inversion of valuations.
Learn from regional religions.
Literally Universal Religion (LUR).
How to get to space (practice nothing).
Different species (separation).